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The Beloved Founder of This Wonderful One Piece Community Wiki, Leader of The Revolutionaries, and Mastermind behind Everything Intelligent on The Internet. You can catch up with me on my Youtube Channel where I mainly cover Oneve Piece Topics and other Random Diss Recorcds to these haters. Anyways be on the look out for my upcoming Youtube Red Series; More From a Mastermind | The MasterJ Show.


Well Dressed Young Men With The Legendary Skin Tone of Glazed Caramel. A Dashing Gentlemen made to sweep women off their feet.



Channel Dynamic

• Strengths

Strong Musical Presence in the community as shown on the views of all his diss records

• Weaknesses

Does not put out content consistently and does not strive for subs.

• Standout Qualities

MasterJ is widely known and respected and his creativity and genius Strategies for success is way above average.


Timeline |

  • The Beginning
    • Then
    • Keep Going

Major Interactions |

Stream Appearances
Brago D. AceOuter Haven
5thSon2BondOnePieceNationBrago D. AceAshuraFroob
Brago D. AceRogersbaseTyquan1000finestYonkou • The World


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– MasterJ actually started Youtube about a month after Brago


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